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At All Things Aquatic in the UK we are proud to supply and also fit the full range of Oase Living Water products.  We are an Oase living water products certified Installer. 

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Compact solutions for small ponds

With the OASE underwater filters you create a water paradise even where space is at a minimum. Thus decorative pools, such as galvanised troughs or wine barrels, or even small ponds up to 5000 l remain sustainably clear. And an attractive water feature is also included!


Pressure filters: Invisible helpers for small and medium-sized ponds

Unlike flow-through filters, pressure filters route the pump pressure through the filter. They can also be used below the surface level of the water. Consequently they are used classically for higher positioned watercourses; in addition, they can be partially buried in the ground adjacent to the watercourse and thus do not disturb the natural garden look. This makes the closed system of the filter possible, which is ensured by the quick-release closure. The cleaning processes function in accordance with the same principle as that of the flow-through filter and consequently also offer, (with correctly matched pond and filter size), a good basis for optimally filtered water. Thanks to the patented cleaning system cleaning the filter is extremely easy. A suitable UVC clarifier, as the guarantor for clear water, is already integrated in these systems. Ideal for ponds up to 30,000 litres.


Flow through filters: Best prospects

Flow-through filters are used for medium-sized and large ponds or also for koi ponds. They stand above the water surface at the edge of the pond or above a watercourse. The water flows back into the pond via gravity. Flow-through filters are ideally suited for ponds up to 140 m3, particularly if rigorous requirements are imposed on the circulation capacity.


Extensible filter systems for large ponds

Module filters are best suited for all types of larger ponds. Whether natural bodies of water, swim ponds or even koi ponds, they all impose the most rigorous requirements on filter performance. The OASE module filter systems can be modularly extended depending on the requirement, and thus also adapt to increasing requirements. Innovative functions, such as automatic self-cleaning and an extensive range of accessories, make the system a perfect solution for the most rigorous demands. In addition, the systems can be easily extended if there is increasing demand.


For a clear view into the pond

Clear and healthy water ensures undisturbed pond enjoyment. But what happens when suspended algae or other substances that cause turbidity turn the water green and lessen the enjoyment of the garden pond? There is a remedy. Simply place the UVC clarifier in the water circuit; ideally upstream of your filter. The special light radiation in the interior of the clarifier kills off the algae and bacteria and germs are eliminated. For connection, all you need is a power outlet and a suitable flow-through filter or module filter system.


Oxygen for the pond

The variety of life forms in the pond need a lot of oxygen, particularly in the summer months. For this we recommend the use of pond aerators. With pond aerators, even at higher temperatures and lots of sunlight, fish and other pond inhabitants do very well and the microorganisms that clean the pond water can work under optimal conditions.


Filter media, piping and UVC replacement bulbs

For optimal function of your filter system it is important to check the functionality of filter and UVC device on a regular basis. Spring is the best time to check the UVC bulb and to replace it if necessary. Also the condition of filter foams must be checked - these can be replaced as needed. With the practical and inconspicuous connection materials your pond filter will easily find the right connection.


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Below are a selection of Oase Living Water Products at All Things Aquatic in the UK


Oase Living Water Products

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