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Aquarium Equipment

At our Kent and Sussex border shop we have all of the aquarium equipment you need from a marine aquatic shop with leading brands such as Tunze, Deltec, Radion, Eheim, Kessil, Triton, Coral Essentials and many more.


Also for tropical aquarium equipment we stock a range of products


Aquarium Supplies

Food, Lighting, Filtration, Sand, Salt, Pumps, Treatments, Heaters, Powerheads available from stock.


We have a range specialist marine equipment and aquarium supplies e.g testing kits available 'off the shelf'.


We stock a range of general products including foods, water suppliments with a large variety to suit all needs and experience. 


Our freezer has a large slection of frozen foods plus we have regular deliveries of live food (sell out fast).


Aquarium Decorations

We stock a wide range of Aquarium Decorations, natural rock, artificial plants for the tropical set up.

For the marine aquarium, dry marco rock, Prime cut rock, Branching Rock and Real Reef Rock.


Aquarium Tanks or Custom Tank Builders

Due to our limited space we are typically stock aquariums of 60L and below.  We are able to supply most leading brands of pre-made aquariums.  If you know what you want drop in or give us a call.

We are happy to work with hobbyists and professional tank manufactures to design and install your custom built system.  Phone us on 01580 388008 or call into the shop to discuss your requirements. We deliver and provide a set-up service to make your system start in the very possible way.  We will also maintain it for you.


Starter Aquariums just for you

Examples of our aquariums held in store, Aqua 60, Aqua 30 and Aqua 20 plus for marine Fluval Evo 52L or a 50L cube bundle.  If you want a specific aquarium or considering a custom build we can special order it for you.

To see the lastest equipment arriving in store follow us on instagram and Facebook


Aquarium Supplies online

Why not visit us to see our range of livestock and aquarium accessories. Or visit our online store where some of our stock can be purchased from our aquarium supplies online pages.


Drop in and see us for Tropical, Marine, Pond fish and Koi including Corals, Invertebrates, all types of fish food including frozen.  A vast range of treatments and equipment etc are available. Gift Vouchers are always available. Our high quality (zero TDS) RO and pre-mix saltwater is very popular. Specialists in custom design, build, install and maintenance.

Our address:

All Things Aquatic

Hawkhurst Fish Farm
Hastings Road

Hawkhurst, Kent

TN18 4RT

Tel: 01580 388008


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Our range of Marine, Tropical, Invertebrates including Corals makes a great display. Plus our great Koi and pond fish. Come and see it for yourself and our vast range of equipment.  All of our marine fish are quarantined.

We cater for pond and Koi food/ equipment needs. We are on hand to answer your queries and are happy to order items.  We design be-spoke aquariums, select from our catalogue or order other leading brands in store.

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