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At our Kent and Sussex border shop, we stock a range of exciting and colourful Marine fish for all aquariums. A mixture of reef safe and non reef fish of all sizes and shapes. Firecracker gobies, clown fish to Lipstick tangs, if we haven't got it in stock we will order your fish in for you. 

Our stock is always changing at your local saltwater fish shop so you need to be quick to see the new varieties when they arrive.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page or our 'What's New page on the website to keep updated.


Marine Fish


We quarantine all our new Marine livestock in our dedicated on-site systems.  Transfer to our main 'on sale' system will occur after a minimum of 25 days and only after we are happy they are all healthy and feeding. 


You are always welcome to ask what we have in our quarantine systems and we will let you have a preview at your local marine fish shop.


Take a look at our coral and invertebrates page to see what else will compliment your aquarium.


Custom Tank Builders


Due to space limitations large tanks are not kept on site but can be ordered from most suppliers. We also design and build withe our partnered custom tank builders.


Your local saltwater fish shop


Come and visit our shop on the Kent and Sussex Border in the South East of England


A sample of the fish found at All Things Aquatic

Always have a variety of clown fish


Marine fish stock list (example) - latest list is regularly posted on Facebook


All fish have passed our strict quarantine process before being placed in our main system.  New arrivals to our quarantine section are always available in store, if you want to see what is coming through.


  • Coral Beauty
  • Shotsilk Goby
  • Yellow Tailed Damsel (parasema)
  • Annularis Angel LG
  • Green Chromis
  • Yellow Tangs
  • Cleaner Wrasse
  • Regal Tang Sml
  • Picasso Trigger
  • Yellow wrasse LG
  • Algae Blenny
  • Chocolate Mocha Misbar Clownfish
  • Double Sadle  Butterfly (eating frozen well)
  • Engineer goby
  • Gold Rush Tang sm
  • Lamark Angel
  • Dogface puffer Sml
  • Foxface Sml
  • Tassled Firefish
  • Snowflake eel
  • Indo Firefish
  • Gold Rim tang
  • Longnose Hawkfish
  • Azure Damsel
  • Adorned wrasse
  • O. Niger (blue) Trigger
  • Indo sailfin Tang Lg
  • Australian Harlquin Tuskfish
  • Brown Sailfin Tang md
  • Wyoming White Clownfish Pair
  • Flame Angel
  • Pyramid Butterfly (feeding on frozen, pellet and flake)
  • Royal Gramma
  • Wheelers goby
  • Lubbocki Wrasse
  • Bangaii Cardinals
  • Orange shoulder tang
  • Clown coral Goby


Please call us on 01580 388008 to ensure your choice is still available before travelling.


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Drop in and see us  for Tropical, Marine, Pond fish and Koi including Corals, Invertebrates, all types of fish food including frozen.  A vast range of treatments and equipment etc are available. Gift Vouchers are always available. Our high quality (zero TDS) RO and pre-mix saltwater is very popular. Specialists in custom design, build, install and maintenance.

Our address:

All Things Aquatic

Hawhurst Fish Farm
Hastings Road

Hawkhurst, Kent

TN18 4RT

Tel: 01580 388008


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Our Pet shop licence No. 17/501581/PETSHP is issued by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.

Licence Holder Mitchel Mattocks


Our range of Marine, Tropical, Invertebrates including Corals makes a great display. Plus our great Koi and pond fish. Come and see it for yourself and our vast range of equipment.  All of our marine fish are quarantined.

We cater for pond and Koi food/ equipment needs. We are on hand to answer your queries and are happy to order items.  We design be-spoke aquariums, select from our catalogue or order other leading brands in store.

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