Pond Maintenance Kent and Pond Maintenance Sussex from All Things Aquatic


All Things Aquatic deliver quality design, installation and pond maintenance services across Kent and Sussex.

Our OASE approved installers will advise on your pond equipment needs and ensure it is installed/maintained to deliver a perfect pond.


We have an emergency service for equipment breakdowns and poorly fish.  We will visit your pond and assess the situation recommending the best approach going forward.


Pond Maintenance Kent and Pond Maintenance Sussex

Covering Kent and Sussex, Ponds regularly benefit from the removal of the sludge that builds up on the bottom.  Depending upon the pond it may involve removing the fish into a temporary pond whilst the work is completed.  In certain circumstances a vacuum can be undertaken whilst the fish remain in the pond.


Plants can get overgrown, we will trim or re-basket your plants to show your pond at its best.


A one-off pond clean and tidy can give many years of pleasure.


Below are some pictures from the work we have undertaken, some in progress and some completed.


For Pond Maintenance Kent and Pond Maintenance Sussex - Call us on 01580 388008


Routine Pond Maintenance Sussex and Kent 

Gain benefit from regular and routine pond maintenance.  We test your water, inspect your fish, clean your filters and remove waste to limit it building up in the pond.

The pond maintenance service is tailored to the needs of your pond.  We will keep your pond looking good and your fish as healthy as possible.


For routine Pond Maintenance Kent and Pond Maintenance Sussex - Call us on 01580 388008


Pond Equipment

We carry a wide range of pumps and filtration equipment in stock.  This ensures your pond gets the prompt repair or replacement to keep your fish healthy.

We also carry in our vehicles a range of treatments so they can be administered in a timely and efficient manner.

Call us on 01580 388008 to book a free pond assessment visit.

  • Great rates
  • Saves your time
  • Quality work
  • Expert advice
  • Benefit from the enjoyment without the hard work

Drop in and see us for Tropical, Marine, Pond fish and Koi including Corals, Invertebrates, all types of fish food including frozen.  A vast range of treatments and equipment etc are available. Gift Vouchers are always available. Our high quality (zero TDS) RO and pre-mix saltwater is very popular. Specialists in custom design, build, install and maintenance.

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All Things Aquatic

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Hawkhurst, Kent

TN18 4RT

Tel: 01580 388008


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Our range of Marine, Tropical, Invertebrates including Corals makes a great display. Plus our great Koi and pond fish. Come and see it for yourself and our vast range of equipment.  All of our marine fish are quarantined.

We cater for pond and Koi food/ equipment needs. We are on hand to answer your queries and are happy to order items.  We design be-spoke aquariums, select from our catalogue or order other leading brands in store.

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