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Pond Equipment

Everything you require in pond equipment is available, foods, filters and fish nets. High quality, durable and functional items are stocked to meet your needs e.g. air pumps, pond pumps. All available to make a world of difference to your garden pond.  UV bulbs, water clarifier to remove any green algae. 

Buy pond equipment from a trusted supplier covering Kent and Sussex who is an authorised OASE Installer. Our installation and maintenance experience will assist you in knowing you are getting the right product to meet your needs.


Our vast range of pond equipment includes;

  • Replacement UV bulbs.
  • Cover nets.
  • Fish nets.
  • PVC Pond liners (25 year guarantee) - a range of sizes in stock.
  • Sealeco EPDM Rubber pond liner 0.75mm (lifetime Guarantee)
  • De-chlorinator pods.
  • Pumps.
  • Filter boxes.
  • In-line UVs.
  • Pond treatments.
  • Replacement filter foams.
  • Air pumps.


Pond Treatments

A great range of pond treatments are in stock.  All NT labs water treaments, de-chlorinator, barley straw and barley straw extract, sludge remover, duckweed control, algae control, anti-foam plus all NT labs and koi care medications.

  • Tonic salt and zeolite.
  • Koi and fish treatments.
  • Cloverleaf Blanket answer.
  • Pure pond and pure pond bombs.

Early, mid and late season needs can be met by visiting our shop.  Blanket weed remover and maintainance products are all available from our vast range.  Bulk volume products in 25L containers are available for the larger ponds to save money.


Look no further - call All Things Aquatic on 01580 388008


UV Replacement Bulbs

We carry a full range of UV bulbs, PL, PLS, T5, T8 along with wattage including 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 24, 25, 30, 36 and 55.

We have a number of these as Arcadia bulbs for higher quality UV, plus OASE branded UV bulbs specially for OASE units.

Pond equipment installation Services

Pond equipment needs to be installed correctly, our installation and maintenance services ensure your purchase provides maximum value and benefit to your pond. Pond equipment services cover all of Kent and Sussex. We are OASE certified installers. Call us for a free estimate on 01580 388008

To view some of our stock and deals on pond equipment check our online shop or contact us.


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Drop in and see us for Tropical, Marine, Pond fish and Koi including Corals, Invertebrates, all types of fish food including frozen.  A vast range of treatments and equipment etc are available. Gift Vouchers are always available. Our high quality (zero TDS) RO and pre-mix saltwater is very popular. Specialists in custom design, build, install and maintenance.

Our address:

All Things Aquatic

Hawkhurst Fish Farm
Hastings Road

Hawkhurst, Kent

TN18 4RT

Tel: 01580 388008


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Our range of Marine, Tropical, Invertebrates including Corals makes a great display. Plus our great Koi and pond fish. Come and see it for yourself and our vast range of equipment.  All of our marine fish are quarantined.

We cater for pond and Koi food/ equipment needs. We are on hand to answer your queries and are happy to order items.  We design be-spoke aquariums, select from our catalogue or order other leading brands in store.

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