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We supply and install aquarium cooling products for all different sizes of aquarium, below is our guidance.


The heat is here and will return again this summer.  Although our fish and corals are tropical they can only cope with a certain range of temperature. Keeping your water within the correct temperature range is vital to your animals survival. So here are some tips to keep you in control over the summer.


Firstly, some don'ts:

Don’t turn off your heater – it is thermostatically controlled…..its already off

Don’t turn off vital equipment – its vital for a reason

Don’t cool your tank too quickly – temperature swings can be as dangerous as high temperatures

Don’t leave it until last minute – make some preparations pick up a cheap fan cooler or temperature controller, pre freeze some RO water or ice blocks


Now how can you keep the temperature of your water from sky rocketing while you eat ice creams at the beach?

You can turn off non vital equipment, things like UV sterilisers, supplementary T5 lighting.

If you have a small tank frozen RO ice cubes can help a little or ice blocks sealed in a couple of fish bags.

Open a window and shut the curtains, reducing the radiant heat from sunlight and allowing your house to stay cool will help your tank stay cool.

Open cabinet doors, if you have a sump open your cabinet doors or hood this will allow more evaporative cooling.


Add a cooling fan, D&D Ocean breeze cooling fans will increase evaporation which reduces heat in your tank through the latent heat of vaporisation. Fans can reduce temperatures by a few degrees in some cases. Although their biggest pitfall is in very high humidity weather as evaporation is much less effective.

Add a chiller this is the most reliable way to maintain stable temperatures, adding a chiller unit will directly cool the water and for a lot of tanks is a necessity. D&D refrigerant chillers are great value for money and are very capable units. We use a D&D chiller to cool our shop systems.


Having a Temperature controller with a big display is very helpful in identifying any issues. D&D temperature controllers have alarms to audibly warn you when temperatures are out of range, the big LCD display is easy to glance at (much better than a small glass thermometer.

And finally, if your tank temperatures are too high and you are unable to bring it down, here are some things you can do to reduce the impact.


Increasing oxygen is about the only thing you can do to help. As water temperature increases its ability to hold dissolved oxygen decreases. Adding an air stone or even raising a powerhead to the surface to increase surface agitation and create bubbles will dissolve extra oxygen into your system to ensure your fish and corals can stick respirate.


Don’t delay be prepared today!

Aquarium Cooling

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